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How the Intel vPro platform helps enterprises save money

09 May 2019

Intel announced the results of a new Forrester study, “The Total Economic Impact (TEI) of The Intel vPro Platform.” Commissioned by Intel, Forrester Consulting conducted a TEI study to examine the potential return on investment (ROI) organisations may realise by deploying PCs with the Intel vPro platform.

As more organisations seek to digitally transform their workplaces, the PC continues to be the primary tool for productivity. Information technology (IT) managers face critical decisions to ensure their PC selection is modern, easy to manage and helps keep their organisations' assets more secure.

As part of the TEI study, Forrester surveyed and interviewed more than 250 IT managers in the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany and China, representing a wide variety of industries.

Intel director Michael Nordquist says, “Intel is driving PC platforms built for business. The Forrester TEI study illustrates that we’re driving some critical value not only in the overall ROI of the Intel vPro platform for IT but gives the actual users benefit with a more responsive and stable platform that enables them to focus on work.

“The Intel vPro platform makes investing in modern PCs an easy decision as we’re focused on making security, manageability and performance available in one platform.”

To represent the results, Forrester created a composite organisation modelled as a mid-size company with 750 desktops and laptops with Intel Core vPro processors running Windows 10 Professional. Forrester found a composite organisation experienced benefits of up to $2.8 million over 3 years versus costs of up to $1.1 million and an ROI of up to 155%.

With a mix of multiple generations of processors and OS versions, IT faces rising management costs, too many help desk calls and IT issues that hinder end-user productivity.

After investing in Intel Core vPro processors with Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system, organisations (interviewed and surveyed) saw significant value and benefits in greater security features, more effective management tools, and greater employee efficiency.

The Intel vPro platform is the foundation for business computing. It delivers world-class performance to drive employee productivity, security features to help protect businesses, remote manageability to lower operational costs and stability to decrease computing disruptions.

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