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Lenovo & Microsoft partner for innovative CRaaS launch
Mon, 11th Dec 2023

In an effort to enhance cybersecurity and resilience in the age of AI, Lenovo has joined forces with Microsoft to produce an innovative Cyber Resiliency-as-a-Service (CRaaS) offering. This service aims to simplify the process of cyber protection, detection, response, and recovery for joint customers, providing a more holistic and streamlined approach compared to dealing with numerous disparate security tools.

Lenovo’s annual survey of global CIOs revealed that data privacy/security, ransomware (68%), and securing budgets to support new technological requirements are the three primary challenges businesses encounter today. These issues often emanate from the countless security tools designed for specific tasks, causing a mishmash of solutions that must be interlinked to secure an entire network.

Aiming to alleviate these issues, Lenovo and Microsoft’s novel initiative, set to launch in April 2024, will provide a comprehensive and interoperable selection of premier security tools in one suite, managed entirely by Lenovo. This offering not only has the potential to cut costs but also eases the pressure on overworked security teams, thereby enhancing the overall cybersecurity ecosystem.

Marc Wheelhouse, Chief Security Officer at Lenovo Solutions and Services Group, details the benefits of the new CRaaS solution: “Lenovo’s customers want broad protection and visibility across their organisations, a zero-trust approach, and automated security and compliance, all while streamlining their vendor relationships and effectively managing technology costs. Cyber Resiliency as a Service is our comprehensive solution to help organisations effectively contend with sophisticated and frequent cyberattacks while also tackling other cybersecurity challenges like regulatory compliance and budget constraints.”

The new CRaaS solution, reinforced by Lenovo’s partnership in the Microsoft Security Copilot Partner Private Preview, promises to revolutionise response to threats, risk exposure assessment, and signal processing. Ann Johnson, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Security Business Development, emphasised the urgency of ensuring security in the modern world: “Security is one of the most pressing issues of our time and is key to driving business transformation and growth. Together with Lenovo, we will empower organizations to be more resilient, secure, and productive with end-to-end, AI-powered security solutions and services.”

The CRaaS initiative also aligns with Lenovo’s commitment to ensuring customer data protection through its Security by Design practice and Lenovo ThinkShield, both of which offer advanced security features. As part of the CRaaS suite, businesses can expect continuous risk assessment, automated security updates and patches, dynamic threat intelligence, active incident response and management, regular compliance audits, and data backup and recovery services.