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Lucid Software releases latest API and developer platform

Tue, 15th Aug 2023

Lucid Software has announced the launch of its latest APIs and developer platform, which is designed to enable Lucid users and partners to better streamline their workflows by creating, publishing, and distributing their apps and integrations within the Lucid Visual Collaboration Suite.

Top partners utilising the APIs and developer platform at launch include Salesforce, Slack, ServiceNow, and Notion.

Dan Lawyer, Chief Product Officer at Lucid Software, comments, "Our APIs and developer platform empower users and partners to build and deliver powerful, customised solutions for their teams and customers, further increasing efficiency and reducing context switching across apps."

"Today's teams need solutions that cut through the complexity and work where they work. By utilising our latest APIs, users and partners will be able to leverage Lucid to strengthen existing workflows with the power of visual collaboration, enabling them to more quickly achieve alignment and accelerate innovation and productivity."

Users can customise Lucidchart and Lucidspark to their use cases and bring visualisation into their workflows by using the developer platform to build, test and distribute apps and integrations to their teams. Users will also be able to tap into the vast resources of Lucid's extensive worldwide user base, which boasts over 60 million users, by sharing their apps and leveraging the creative output of other users, the company states.

The newest iteration of APIs will allow developers to create custom shape libraries, bidirectional data integrations and auto-visualisations to accommodate a wide array of use cases, according to the company.

This update builds upon already available functionality, such as embedding Lucid docs in other applications and managing access to docs and folders. Users can also import their own assets into Lucid (like links, photos and videos) to clarify complexity.

Examples of ways partners are already leveraging these features include:

  • Salesforce: Users can easily customise templates, charts and projects in the Salesforce shape library in Lucidchart to standardise documentation across the company.
  • Slack: Slacks open and extensible platform makes it easy for users to quickly create, access and share Lucid visuals without leaving Slack.
  • ServiceNow: Users can automatically generate Lucidchart diagrams from their ServiceNow Application Portfolio Management (APM) data to quickly visualise and understand areas for optimisation across an application portfolio.
  • Notion: Lucid documents can be directly embedded, viewed and shared in Notion so that teams can keep their visuals and context all in one place.
  • Headroom: Users can hold AI-powered meetings directly in Lucid to transition from brainstorming to decision-making without leaving the platform.
  • Streamline: Users can access Streamline's extensive of icon and illustration sets directly in Lucid to add beautiful and consistent imagery to boards and diagrams.
  • Rewatch: Rewatch videos can be shared directly into Lucid documents so users can capture, share and retain knowledge asynchronously.

The launch of Lucid's new APIs and developer platform, along with powerful data-driven visuals and existing advanced customisations and integrations, further enables users and developers to build advanced workflows for their teams and get more done, the company concludes.

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