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Meta's Quest headsets come up against the Apple Vision Pro

According to a recent Storyblok survey, Meta's Quest headsets remain strong competition for the Apple Vision Pro.

A survey of software and marketing industry leaders by Storyblok reveals that the introduction of the Apple Vision Pro shouldn't cause Meta to worry about the future of its Quest product line. 

According to the survey, 44% say Meta's Quest headsets will be strong competition for Apple, with only 18% saying the Apple Vision Pro will make them irrelevant.

With that said, enthusiasm for the Apple Vision Pro is very high.

The survey found that 69% of respondents think it's an iPhone moment for spatial computing, compared to 60% in a pre-WWDC survey, and 58% think it is the next big digital platform.

92% of respondents are very interested or somewhat interested in creating content for the Apple Vision Pro, compared to 80% in a pre-WWDC survey.

23% say the Apple Vision Pro will start to become an important device for their customers in the next year, and 43% say the next two years.

Regarding costs, 46% say they are willing to pay $3,499 for the Apple Vision Pro, 45% say maybe, compared to only 12% saying they would pay up to $3,000, and 10% saying they would pay whatever it costs in a pre-WWDC survey.

Lastly, the survey noted only 1% say they are not interested in the Apple Vision Pro, compared to 7% in a pre-WWDC survey. 

Dominik Angerer, Co-Founder and CEO of Storyblok, says that although the Apple Vision Pro proves a solid asset for businesses, Meta's Quest headset is not out of the race. 

"Our data collected before and after the WWDC keynote shows Apple did a good job of introducing the Apple Vision Pro to businesses," says Angerer.

"Not only do more of them think this was another iPhone moment for Apple, but an increased number are willing to pay the high price for the device and create content for it, even though most think it's two years away from being important for their customers."

"Anyone saying Meta's Quest headsets are finished after the Apple Vision Pro announcement should reconsider because the majority of executives surveyed think they will be strong competition for Apple." 

"Real competition is good for Meta, and their head start and price advantage provides customers with more choices on how they can experience immersive content," says Dominik Angerer.

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Storyblok enhances audience experiences with performance, security, optimized omnichannel storytelling, and robust personalization. The company enables content teams to create and manage content intuitively and independently with drag-and-drop visual editing, custom collaboration workflows, and a digital asset manager. 

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