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NSW Department of Education kicks off second stage of SaaS roll-out

By Catherine Knowles, Wed 11 May 2016
FYI, this story is more than a year old

The NSW Department of Education (DoE) is using Expense8 to further streamline employee expenses and extend automation, scalability and user functionality.

8common, the software technology group, kicked off what is the second stage roll-out of Expense8 on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis to support the New South Wales DoE Purchasing Card Solution.

According to the company, the second-stage delivery will focus on onboarding card holders, driving usage and ensuring an orderly and timely roll-out. The first-stage delivery of the expense management solution went live in March, offering automated processes and user functionality to DoE card holders.

Expense8 is on track to supply the expense management solution for around 5,000 card holders by the end of this year, with further expansion expected in 2017 at the DoE corporate offices and across NSW public schools.

The contract with DoE was won by Expense8 following a public tender process, and is for an initial three years with provision for a two-year extension.

“Since the go-live in March, we have reduced the complexity and time required to manage card acquittal processes and card holder information and spend data that was previously managed manually," says Barbara Soiland, DoE director shared services business services. 

"The solution is straightforward to use and navigate, which will make the onboarding of card holders much easier,” she says.

Besides DoE, Expense8 is working with other government clients including the Federal Treasury, NSW Police Force, Australian Electoral Commission, Northern Territory Government, and Transport for NSW.

“We are pleased with how the first-stage implementation went and it’s a great start to our partnership. We will continue to make sure that all hands are on deck as we prepare and work through the second stage go-live,” says Nick Gonios, 8common CEO. 

The NSW DoE is one of the largest single organisations, public or private, in Australia. The DoE delivers internationally competitive public education with a recurrent budget of $12.8 billion. 

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