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Optus Wholesale wrangles new deal with Moose Mobile

By Julia Gabel, Fri 5 May 2017
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Optus Wholesale has a new partnership with Moose Mobile; a move that the companies say will deliver customer access to the Optus national 4G Plus network. Moose Mobile will prioritise the youth segment with a combination of refurbished handsets and SIM offers.

Optus Wholesale is an Australian organisation that offers products for fixed and mobile networks.

John Castro, vice president, Sales & Marketing, Optus Wholesale, says, “this partnership further reflects Optus’ commitment to diversifying its customer base which includes delivering services to niche players in addition to major MVNOs.

Castro says that refurbished handset sales are set to grow significantly over the next three years and that this represents a strategic approach from Moose Mobile.

Dean Lwin, CEO, Moose Mobile, comments, “the Moose model is about providing quality refurbished devices that are current and inexpensive, bundled with competitive pricing plans on a quality network”.

Lwin says that refurbished handsets are popular amongst first phone users as they give parents and younger buyers access to reasonably current Android and non-Android devices at prices well below the cost of a new device.

Lwin continues, “by providing access to a SIM at the point-of-sale, Moose will be able to convert a once-off handset sale into a long standing customer.”

The partnership between Optus Wholesale and Moose Mobile is an exclusive five-year post-paid mobile partnership that will utilise Moose’s range of refurbished late model handsets. 

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