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Orbus Software CEO forecasts major tech trends for business in 2024
Mon, 4th Dec 2023

Gareth Burton, CEO of Orbus Software, predicts a broad range of technology trends that will impact the business world in 2024, reflecting shifting priorities and emerging needs in the digital age.

Firstly, Burton highlights the continuous growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) but warns that businesses must ensure their data is clean before it is input into larger language models. "This will make certain that the intelligence is accurate, free of bias, and highly relevant, enabling it to drive the business forward with tailored insights rather than potentially off course," he explains.

The CEO also notes a growing issue of escalating technical debt due to businesses' relentless pursuit of speed and agility. This situation, according to Burton, is particularly critical in regulated industries that significantly lag in their transformation efforts. "Modernisation efforts are helping fuel this problem, which limits an organisation's ability to compete," he says.

Furthermore, Burton emphasises that sustainability is no longer optional for businesses, as net-zero targets loom. He says, "Sustainability must be a foundational part of all decision-making criteria, alongside speed, cost, impact, alignment to strategy, and new technology."

This shift will allow companies to make environmentally responsible decisions throughout their transformation journeys. He adds that green tech and innovations aligning with sustainable, socially responsible goals will be increasingly prioritised.

The widescale adoption of the cloud also trends in Burton's 2024 forecast. He predicts that "hybrid multi-cloud environments will become the norm," supporting diverse workload needs while ensuring security and compliance. The continuing transition to the cloud will stimulate demand for several key roles, including scarce cybersecurity professionals and cloud cost engineers, making cloud-native application developers a hot commodity.

As far as AI is concerned, Burton predicts a skills chasm, with companies seeking to utilise AI in 2024 having to acquire new skills. "This will drive a Tsunami of applications for relevant college courses as Gen Z and Gen Alpha look to ride the AI wave," he comments.

In terms of specific tech trends in 2024, he forecasts significant investment and interest in cloud, AI, and blockchain technologies while "traditional on-premises data centres, non-responsive web design, and isolated software systems will continue their slow death."

Burton also suggests that regulated industries will increasingly embrace blockchain to address compliance complexities and data privacy challenges, supporting transparent record-keeping.

Headquartered in London and founded in 2004, Orbus Software is a globally recognised provider of software and services for digital transformation. Its solutions drive alignment between strategy and execution, leveraging familiar Microsoft tools to ensure rapid adoption and best-in-breed functionality.

Orbus Software's products (iServer and iServer365, together with the Solutions Hub) provide customers with a strategic decision-making platform that addresses key transformational disciplines, including Enterprise Architecture (EA), Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM), Business Process Analysis (BPA) and Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC).