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Perfekt & BeyondTrust strengthen cybersecurity partnership in Australia
Tue, 28th Nov 2023

In a recent discussion, Mark Sakajiou, Sales Director at managed services provider Perfekt, detailed the company's partnership with BeyondTrust, one of the leading cybersecurity firms worldwide. Sakajiou provided a more profound insight regarding their collaborative efforts, highlighting the importance of strategic cybersecurity solutions in today's digital landscape.

"We are proud to have been strategic partners with BeyondTrust here in the Australia market for six years now," stated Sakajiou.

He further pointed out how the partnership has significantly evolved, citing mutual dedication to developing pioneering cybersecurity solutions to stray off pervasive digital threats. This six-year association has remarkably contributed to establishing innovative cybersecurity practices in the region.

Sakajiou also stressed the critical role of BeyondTrust's offerings within Perfekt's comprehensive cybersecurity architecture. He explained that BeyondTrust's robust privileged access management solutions integrate seamlessly with Perfekt's existing suite, offering an essential layer of defence for their clients' crucial digital assets.

"By amalgamating BeyondTrust's advanced technologies with our tailored strategies, we deliver a unified defence in-depth mechanism that is agile, robust, and efficient," Sakajiou asserted.

The partnership's substantial impact hasn't been restricted to a single field. "Our collaborative efforts with BeyondTrust have empowered us to serve a diverse array of clients across various sectors in Australia, namely the finance, healthcare, higher education, and government sectors," said Sakajiou. The use of BeyondTrust's solutions has been crucial in addressing the unique cybersecurity challenges of these sectors.

In the future, Sakajiou predicts that AI-driven threat detection and proactive security measures will play a significant role. He comments, "This evolution is essential to ensure that our clients stay ahead of the constantly evolving cyber threat landscape, enabling them to proactively safeguard their digital assets."

Mark Sakajiou illustrated Perfekt's unique services to BeyondTrust customers, including its expertise across multiple cybersecurity domains and tailored cybersecurity strategies according to the client's distinctive requirements. He proudly stated, "This training has positioned us as one of the most certified and experienced BeyondTrust integrators in Australia."

Discussing the outlook for their BeyondTrust business in Australia for 2024, Sakajiou projected a robust trajectory. Due to a growing awareness of the significance of insider threats and a stringent need for regulatory compliance, a surge in demand for BeyondTrust's comprehensive cybersecurity solutions is expected.

"We aim to further fortify their digital resilience, ensuring that BeyondTrust's offerings effectively address the evolving security challenges," said Mark Sakajiou.

In the closing remarks, Sakajiou reflected on their successful collaboration with BeyondTrust, emphasising the shared commitment to nurturing strong relationships and providing tailored security solutions.

Mark Sakajiou concluded, "Through our joint and collaborative efforts, we are providing tailored security solutions that address the unique needs of our clients. Perfekt is looking forward to a very bright and even more successful 2024 with BeyondTrust!"