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PowerStack and ISCS team up in Australian solar power deal
Mon, 22nd Jan 2024

PowerStack, the company behind a unique, vertically integrated solar power pole, has signed a national distribution agreement with ISCS. This new collaboration signals the significant progress PowerStack has made in increasing its industry presence over the past year, following similar distribution arrangements with Sektor and GSA Systems.

The PowerStack solar system, designed and manufactured in Australia, is distinguished by its vertical solar panels, which optimise sunlight capture. As a result, it produces a year-round 100% off-grid power supply for a wide range of applications. These include powering cameras, lighting, IoT sensors and communications. Importantly, the system allows infrastructure to be powered in locations where traditional power access is unavailable, excessively expensive or difficult to install.

PowerStack’s installation process is also impressively efficient and environmentally friendly. The power poles, which don't need heavy machinery for installation and feature a unique 4-sided vertical design, are compatible with several products already supplied by ISCS. Consequently, the partnership will enable the deployment of such devices in remote locations or projects with specified sustainability requirements.

Michael Bragg, PowerStack's Chief Executive Officer, explained the benefits of the deal. "ISCS is a respected name in the security industry, with a strong network and client base," he said. "We look for partners that can support PowerStack's growth in the market, benefiting from introducing this technology to their offering. By integrating PowerStack with solutions and products that ISCS already supplies, we can create completely grid-independent solutions."

With these grid-independent solutions, PowerStack is unveiling significant opportunities for businesses to establish infrastructure in previously too expensive or difficult locations. Bragg adds: "We're looking forward to working with the ISCS team to unlock these opportunities and help their clients deliver green powered infrastructure."

ISCS's Managing Director, Stuart Harmer, reciprocated these positive sentiments. "PowerStack stands as a groundbreaking solution, meeting diverse challenges in our industry and offering customers a chance to adopt an eco-friendly approach," he commented. "ISCS anticipates a pivotal role in shaping the evolution of the Australian market through our partnership with PowerStack. Committed to delivering sustainable and forward-thinking security solutions, we're excited to be utilising our extensive distribution network to this effect."

This latest business endeavour reaffirms PowerStack’s continuing growth and increasing market presence. The company’s innovative approach to using solar energy to power public and critical infrastructure opens up exciting possibilities for deploying new technologies in an efficient and sustainable manner.