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Qualtrics enhances CX insights capabilities

18 May 2020

Qualtrics is launching a new collection of capabilities across CoreXM that aim to help organisations better serve customers and employees by taking intentional action based on insights.

CoreXM updates allow businesses to listen and act on the needs of their customers and employees, identify key business drivers via its predictive AI analytics engine, and fix experience breakdowns as they happen with the launch of a workflow automation solution.

“The convergence of powerful technology, the world’s leading brands, and the XM industry’s premier partner ecosystem creates an unmatched vehicle for organisations to leverage the power of experience management,” says Qualtrics president Zig Serafin. 

“CoreXM is a system of action that transforms company cultures from simply measuring performance to seeking out and eliminating poor experiences.”

New enhancements include:

Ultimate Listening

CoreXM includes an advanced listening system that acts as a forward-looking radar for potential problems and experience gaps. 

It gathers feedback from more than 125 data sources – whether directly through website feedback, voice conversations, or questionnaires, or indirectly through online reviews, call transcripts, or across social media sites – bringing experience data (X-data) into Qualtrics’ XM Platform. 

Partner solutions like Brandwatch, Call Miner, and Full Story, increase the reach of feedback that can be brought into Qualtrics’ powerful system of action.

Predictive AI

Adding to Text iQ’s ability to identify topics and sentiment, Qualtrics is adding new integrations with its statistics analytics capability, Stats iQ. 

Integrations between Text iQ and Stats iQ allow companies to bring structured and unstructured data together, creating new ways to identify key drivers that impact business decisions. 

Automated Actions

New upgrades added to Qualtrics XM Automated Actions allow organisations to manage experience breakdowns in real-time. 

More than 40 workflows trigger actions like raising tickets, sending alerts, creating notifications, closing the loop with a customer or employee, and many others. 

In the past 12 months, the world’s leading brands like Belkin, Delivery Hero, Dish, and many others have triggered more than 140 million actions as they work to find and eliminate poor experiences for customers and employees.

XM Automated Actions also integrate with popular tools and systems such as CRM, messaging, ticketing, rewards, business process automation, and marketing automation systems. 

This solution supports out-of-the-box integrations with tools like Jira, Marketo, Microsoft Dynamics, Rybbon, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Slack, Zendesk, and more.

In addition to these upgraded capabilities, CoreXM also includes the ability to build custom XM solutions for specific use cases. 

For example, Qualtrics developed 13 custom-built automated solutions to help businesses, governments, healthcare systems, educational institutions, and many other organizations navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. 

A few of these solutions, Return to Work and Back to Business, are designed to help organisations understand how and when to transition employees back to the workplace and how to ensure customer confidence as businesses reopen.

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