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Riverbed improves AI-driven automation for IT service desk efficiency
Mon, 4th Mar 2024

Riverbed, a specialist in unified observability, has announced new advancements in its AI-driven automated remediation, intending to optimise IT service desk automation across different areas and workflows of companies. The new features designed to up the ante on incident prevention, reducing the number of generated tickets. They also aim to increase the speed of resolution and share solutions across all sectors to avoid rework from IT teams and enhance visibility of the end-user experience.

Riverbed has broadened its Intelligent Service Desk capabilities by adding customisable runbooks and integrated sentiment analysis. Customisable runbooks in Aternity permit sophisticated remediations by replicating advanced investigations correlating end-user impact and real-time granular performance data. This correlation aids in identifying incident root causes to address IT's most challenging issues. Additionally, the expanded Intelligent Service Desk capabilities allow IT to grasp end-user satisfaction through the incorporation of sentiment analysis across remediation workflows, from issue detection to resolution.

With the escalating number of workplace applications and ever-increasing expectations for service quality among the digital workforce, there has been a critical surge in incident volume and intricacy. Traditional service desks often grapple with a plethora of tickets leading to inefficiencies, irregular IT service delivery, and increasing costs. On top of that, IT teams are frequently swamped with monitoring events that may not directly impact the end-user experience, the company states. This results in extended resolution times and higher error rates for crucial issues. Moreover, siloed IT operations intensify the problem by restricting knowledge reuse and obstructing automated remediations with accurate root cause insights and analysis.

Aternity's Intelligent Service Desk models expert decision-making and logic-driven remediation by harnessing customisable runbooks. Unlike other DEX offerings utilising numerous remediation scripts for narrow use cases, Aternity's Intelligent Service Desk enables a broader AI-driven automation capability. This negates the need for human intervention, and in the case of unresolved issues, an ITSM ticket is routed to the appropriate level with the necessary context for swift resolution. Moreover, the Aternity's flexible automation logic assimilates and correlates user feedback through Sentiment Surveys, thereby enhancing engagement levels to resolve simple to complex issues efficiently.

Including AI-Driven Correlation and Anomaly Detection of device and application issues, Intelligent automation across remediation workflows resulting in incident prevention, and out-of-the-box and customisable runbooks automatically triggered by Service Desk Alerts, among others, the integration of Riverbed Aternity's Intelligent Service Desk brings a plethora of features and benefits. Interactive user feedback via Sentiment Surveys also helps prioritise and optimally resolve issues. It works in seamless integration with ITSM tools such as ServiceNow for targeted, intelligent ticketing.

"Today's announcement consolidates on Riverbed's years of experience in AI and automation. The expansion of Riverbed Aternity's Intelligent Service Desk capabilities marks a meaningful milestone aimed at empowering organisations with more sophisticated remediations and sentiment to augment human decision-making," said Riverbed's CTO, Richard Tworek. He explained that by delegating repetitive and lower-value tasks to AI-driven algorithms and intelligent automation, Riverbed enables Digital Workplace teams to adopt a more proactive approach to remediation and carve out more time for human ingenuity.

Riverbed Aternity's Intelligent Service Desk, featuring runbooks and Sentiment Survey integration is now open to organisations aiming to optimise their IT service delivery and enrich the digital user experience.