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Say hello to Ixia's TrafficREWIND

By Sam Worthington, Mon 11 Jul 2016
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Ixia have announced a new solution that captures traffic patterns from a production network and accurately recreates them in a controlled environment.

This solution is TrafficREWIND. And, according to the team at Ixia, it combines visibility and test technology to speed network fault isolation and outage resolution. 

Ixia say that the latest development leverages the advanced functionality of several of the company's other solutions, including the Vision ONE network visibility solution.

Sunil Kalidindi, vice president of product management at Ixia, says they are continuing to lead the industry in the development of test and visibility technologies. 

“We’ve used that expertise to design TrafficREWIND and make it easy for customers to recreate their unique network traffic to quickly identify problems and fix them before there is any significant loss of productivity or potential revenue," says Kalidindi. 

According to Ixia, Vision ONE enables organisations to maintain network visibility and security across physical and virtual environments from a single platform.

It’s Application and Threat Intelligence-based traffic sensors create metadata in the form of netflow records which are fed to TrafficREWIND. TrafficREWIND then easily translates production network insight into test traffic configurations with high fidelity.

TrafficREWIND allows customers to transform from a reactive to a proactive approach as they manage, scale, and operate their networks.

Here's how: 

  • Translating production network insight into traffic stimulus for sand-box test environments.
  • Anonymising payloads to ensure data security versus storing actual traffic payloads such as packet captures.
  • Modelling network behaviour by dynamically changing application types, as well as the bandwidth distribution and application characteristics of the generated test traffic over time.
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