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Somerville launches new network assessment services
Fri, 14th Jul 2023

Somerville, an Atturra-owned company, has announced the launch of a three-day network assessment service designed to provide organisations with a health check on their existing technology infrastructure and to ensure optimal performance.  

The service enables enterprises to ensure that their business objectives, strategic direction and current technical environment are operating optimally and aligned with their future goals, while addressing any unique networking and security challenges that the business may face. 

As part of the three-day program, Somervilles expert consultants will work with business IT leaders to conduct a thorough assessment of their current network setup to identify any bottlenecks, security vulnerabilities, or areas for improvement. At the same time, a review of the technology infrastructures configuration will be conducted against industry best practices to ensure it is compliant with any standards required.

Key assessment outcomes will include discovering potential vulnerabilities, risks and any data backup issues that could potentially expose an enterprises valuable assets to unauthorised access, data breaches, or security and privacy threats. In addition, the review will identify performance bottlenecks, congestion points, and any other issues hampering a network's speed and efficiency with the assessment designed to optimise network resources, and improve bandwidth allocation to ensure rapid connectivity.

Part of the review will also include an evaluation of the network's aptitude in introducing new technologies, facilitating seamless remote access, and its scalability and capacity to accommodate future growth and increased traffic, to ensure the network is ready for the demands of tomorrow. 

Importantly, Somerville consultants will aim to uncover cost saving opportunities by identifying inefficiencies or redundant components within the network.  Upon completion of the assessment, organisations will receive a report outlining Somervilles analysis, remediation options and best practice recommendations. This blueprint can serve as a roadmap to address any identified issues, enhance security measures, optimise performance, and pave the way for seamless future growth.                                                                                                                                           

"Just as many businesses hire alarm companies to assess their physical premises, a network health assessment can be invaluable in supporting a company to maximise productivity and boost employee and customer experience," says Oshadha Ranaweera, Connect Services Manager, Somerville. 

"This three-day assessment focuses on identifying gaps and recommending opportunities to maximise existing infrastructure and uncover potential new ways of enhancing the network to its full potential," Ranaweera says.

"We believe this service can provide valuable support to companies as they continue to digitise their operations in a multi-cloud environment."