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SOTI Connect update enhances printer management capabilities
Wed, 19th Jul 2023

SOTI has announced the latest update to its enterprise-grade management solution SOTI Connect. The solution provides organisations with complete lifecycle management of mobile and industrial printers through a centralised platform, and the latest update continues to enhance the way businesses manage printers.

The need for reliable and scalable printer management solutions has become increasingly critical as companies continue to increase device adoption across various industries.

"Many organisations face complex challenges in managing tech infrastructure efficiently and securely. SOTI Connect's new update addresses these challenges head-on, providing fine-tuned access control, clustering capabilities and advanced customisation features," says Michael Dyson, VP of Sales, APAC at SOTI.

"Devices like mobile and industrial printers are ubiquitous in industry today: they are used in retail environments, in warehouses, at healthcare facilities and on delivery trucks. These devices are relied on to print packing slips, so deliveries are made on time, and produce patient wristbands and customer receipts."

"Configuring, managing and securing printers in such environments is critical, but it doesn't need to be complex. SOTI Connect provides enterprise-grade management for mobile and industrial printers. From a single platform, organisations can now manage their portfolio of printers no matter where they are located. This helps reduce downtime, maintenance costs, repair costs and overall total-cost-of-ownership."

Among many standout features, SOTI Connect's advanced permissions system is a notable highlight. Thanks to the latest update, administrators can now set up user access permissions by device group, allowing for granular control and restricted access to printers based on roles.

SOTI Connect's latest Network Inventory feature enables organisations to gain deeper insights into mobile and industrial printers. The ability to search their network for their mobile and industrial printers provides a comprehensive inventory for tracking and security purposes.

"SOTI Connect's update introduces a range of new features that will improve the operation of key organisational devices. For instance, SOTI Connect now has an auto-renewal of device certificates to minimise security risks and tracking while automatically renewing expiring certificates," adds Dyson.

"Additionally, the File Store is now an independent service that can be installed on a separate machine for better performance. Data can be stored elsewhere to take advantage of faster hardware. Operating and debugging logs can now also be retrieved from printers, allowing for better and faster evaluation of issues on remote devices."

"In order to enhance reliability and performance, SOTI Connect also extends clustering capabilities to the Zebra version of the Protocol Adapter (PA) and the Management Server. This addition provides failover and load balancing support, minimising downtime and optimising resource utilisation."