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SQream integrates with Dataiku for boosted data analytics & AI
Thu, 8th Feb 2024

SQream, the scalable GPU data analytics platform, has unveiled its strategic integration with Dataiku, the platform for everyday artificial intelligence (AI). The collaboration aims to merge SQream's highly rated data analytics technology with Dataiku's flexible and adaptable data science and machine learning (ML) platform.

According to a statement, this union grants users the ability to use SQream's analytics capabilities within the adaptable and governed Dataiku environment. It aids in exploring, preparing, and transforming large datasets seamlessly in SQream. Utilising the intuitive visual interface of Dataiku, custom SQL queries or languages, such as Python and R, can now be prepared within SQream. These integrated features further support the construction, testing and deployment of machine learning models, along with automation tools for workflow orchestration and generative AI.

The data analytics technology from SQream accelerates the processing and analysis of extensive datasets. The seamless integration with Dataiku serves to enhance end-to-end data science workflows. Such integration aids collaboration and smoothens the exchange of knowledge amongst data scientists, analysts, and business users. Cost savings are achieved due to SQream's efficient GPU resource utilisation that ensures high-performance analytics without the need for extensive hardware investments. With this joint solution, exceptional scalability is achieved that enables businesses to manage growing data volumes without sacrificing performance.

Ami Gal, the CEO and Co-founder of SQream, considers this collaboration with Dataiku as a notable advancement in big data analytics. Gal mentions, "Together, we are equipping organisations with the capabilities to unlock the full potential of their data, enabling them to make informed decisions faster than ever before. This integration underscores our dedication to delivering high-performance analytics solutions that drive business success by allowing users to leverage the power of both platforms for their big data and ML needs."

Abhi Madhugiri, the VP of Technology Alliances at Dataiku, expresses similar sentiments. "The integration of SQream with Dataiku uniquely positions us to serve a broad spectrum of industries and their varied analytics needs. This collaboration combines our versatile data science platform, suitable for all expertise levels, with SQream's powerful analytics, reinforcing our commitment to equipping organisations with innovative technologies for smarter, faster data-driven decisions," says Madhugiri.

SQream's services are specialised in data processing and analytics acceleration, changing the way organisations approach big data analytics and AI/ML workloads with its exclusive GPU-patented SQL engine. The solutions provided by SQream cater to the requirements of enterprises dealing with massive or complex datasets, delivering unmatched performance, scalability, and cost-efficiency. From finance to telecommunications, SQream enables businesses to unlock actionable insights from their data with greater speed and efficiency, the company states.