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SugarCRM caters to Aussie enterprises with new data centre

By Catherine Knowles, Fri 27 Nov 2015
FYI, this story is more than a year old

SugarCRM has opened its first data centre in Sydney, with the intent to provide local customers with comprehensive data residency security and improved performance.

The company's new service, Sugar On-Demand, will be hosted on its proprietary servers in Sydney and enable customers in the APAC region to seamlessly transfer data between public, private or hosted clouds.

It also enables existing customers to comply with their own data sovereignty mandates and to better conform to Australia’s new privacy laws, SugarCRM says.

According to the company, this move reflects the company’s focus on expansion within the region, as an increasing number of its enterprise customers request that their data is stored exclusively within Australia.

This is in line with recent statistics that reveal 50% of global companies have their data stored on servers within their country – a number which rises to over 70% of Australian businesses.

Catering to the needs of Australian businesses was a top priority for SugarCRM’s growth strategy in Australia, according to the company.   Wayne Goss, SugarCRM vice-president APJ, says, “At SugarCRM, we enable businesses to engage with their customers.

“We, in turn, have listened to what our own customers need from their CRM provider, and have invested in a local data centre which will provide peace of mind and an improved experience through quicker speeds of data access.”   Eric Ornas, SugarCRM senior vice president customer support and operations, says the ability for SugarCRM to host data within Australia reflects how seriously the company takes both data security and providing best in class performance to customers.

“Barely a week goes by without a major company losing control of its customer’s data. We are entrusted by our clients to keep their own customers’ data secure, and this investment shows how seriously we’re working to minimise any risks.

“Our customers require access to their data, often at a moment’s notice. With a Sydney based data centre, we’re delighted that this is something SugarCRM can now provide its customers in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific region,” Ornas says.

The Sydney-based data centre will be built from the ground up to mirror the capabilities and security protocols of all SugarCRM’s hosting sites, including lower latency and best-in-class failover and business continuity systems, the company says.

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