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TablePlus prepares to launch database management app for Linux
Tue, 26th Nov 2019
FYI, this story is more than a year old

TablePlus, a creator of GUI tools for relational databases, has provided a sneak peek of its new Linux app, due for release at the end of November.

The beta app will include MySQL and PostgreSQL support, as well as an SSH tunnel with password/private key. Users will also have the ability to edit inline, preview SQL, view data structure;  run custom queries; and use advanced filters.

Currently TablePlus provides apps across macOS, iOS and Windows.

It supports databases including: PostgreSQL, MySQL; MariaDB; SQLite; Microsoft SQL Server; Amazon Redshift; Oracle; CockroachDB; Snowflake; Cassandra; Redis; Vertica; MongoDB (Beta); and any databases that use the same protocol with the databases listed above such as Percona, and Yugabyte DB.

TablePlus for macOS

The most recent version, designed for macOS 10.11 and newer, brings a number of new changes. You can read our review of TablePlus for MacOS here.

Amongst numerous bug fixes and performance improvements, the changes include multiple cursors (carets) to enable multiple selection in TablePlus Query Editor.

Users also have the ability to wrap selected in quotes by highlighting strings in the editor and then pressing the quote (‘) key, which will wrap the highlighted area with the single quote. To use double quotes, simply use the Shift key and the double quote (“) key.

Query params regex can now be changed between four variables:

  • :[\w.]
  • %[\w.]+%
  • \?
  • \$\{[\w.]+\}

 To change, select the settings button near the bottom left of the editors, select Query params options, then Change query params Regex.

Delete items and ignore foreign key checks allows users to delete a table that has a foreign key check with a different table. Users can ignore foreign key checks and delete by using Cmd + Delete.

Safe mode enhancements: Users with Safemode enabled will need to enter the database's password every time they send a query to the server.

Users can use computer passwords or TouchID as options. When these are on, TablePlus will recommend TouchID rather than passwords, though users can override this.

To enable this, users should:

  • Open TablePlus' preferences (Cmd + ,)
  • Switch to Crash - Security tab
  • Tick on Allow computer password/TouchID to unlock Safemode.

Finally, users can Create Temporary Tables privilege in the MySQL User Management panel. Users can activate it by going to Connection > User Management. Users can then then select a user and find the admin section for the Create Temp Table privilege.

TablePlus for iOS and iPadOS

TablePlus optimised its iOS app so much that the company says it's obsessed with making the apps perfect, down to every detail.

The app's intuitive interface is supported by security features such as built-in SSH, tunnelling, and TLS certification support.

While it's not a fully-featured application yet, the iOS app includes an advanced filter borrowed from the macOS version,a smart editing mode for data editing, and a powerful query editor that is able to highlight code, auto-suggest, and detect queries.

‘Apart from consolidating the basic functionalities, we will focus more on viewing and visualizing data with charts, as well as exporting data to a number of well-known formats,” the company says in a blog.

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