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Thales & Neural Labs expand partnership to create AI-powered smart cities
Wed, 20th Mar 2024

Global software monetisation and licensing company Thales has announced its expanded collaboration with Neural Labs to develop AI-powered smart cities. This expansion of the two-decade-long partnership will facilitate Neural Labs' global deployment and management of licenses for all its customers and resellers by leveraging Thales' cloud licensing capabilities.

Thales, an established leader in software licensing and monetisation, is furthering its collaboration with Neural Labs, renowned for its video analysis services for AI-based Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and smart cities. The joint endeavour aims to deliver practical, secure, and efficient solutions that enhance vehicle access control and logistical planning.

Thales' Sentinel platform plays a critical role here, offering extensive services for delivery, software licensing, protection, and entitlement management. This assists Neural Labs in automating the processes of creating and issuing licenses swiftly and effectively.

The Thales-Neural Labs partnership initially began over twenty years ago when Neural Labs selected Sentinel for its software protection needs. This relationship has evolved since then, embracing the digital transformation age and now utilising Thales' Sentinel Cloud Licensing to manage its SaaS offerings.

This latest licensing integration allows Neural Labs to optimise its SaaS capabilities, facilitating the deployment and real-time updates of licenses regardless of location. This includes Neural Lab's entire product catalogue and its burgeoning sales team. Hence, expanding this partnership is instrumental in Neural Labs's realisation of its growth aspirations in an increasingly connected world.

Neural Labs' revenue has surged nearly 25% over the past three years. Thales' Sentinel platform plays a key role in this growth by preventing revenue leakage resulting from unauthorised software use.

Elias Varcarcel, CEO of Neural Labs, emphasises, "We always knew that we needed to protect our software and futureproof our business. Thales has been with us since the beginning to help us avoid software piracy and make the most of every market opportunity."

"Now, we are working with the team even more closely to prepare our software so that 100% will be offered on the cloud. The expansion of this partnership will help us to scale with the flexible and practical solutions, and our longstanding relationship means we can move forward with full trust."

Damien Bullot, Vice President of Software Monetization at Thales, remarked, "For over 20 years, our team has provided the technical support to help Neural Labs on its mission to make cities, towns and the road network safer, smarter and more efficient. We are incredibly proud that Neural Labs' confidence in our platform and services has allowed them to grow exponentially. We're now looking ahead to the next stage, full digital transformation backed by flexible and scalable solutions."