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The biggest news for developers from OutSystems Developer Conference 2021

"The future of software development starts here." The 2021 OutSystems Developer Conference (OSDC) may have wrapped up, but the event's lasting legacy will continue to inspire developers for endless builds to come. Highlights from the event included keynotes, training and development, the NEO Awards ceremony, and much more.

According to OutSystems product manager, Vasco Pessanha, development teams now have to deal with 10 times more code and complexity than they did 10 years ago, which means productivity and creativity are stifled. OutSystems wants to tip that balance by improving developer productivity and efficiency.

One way it plans to tip the balance is through a new platform codenamed Project Neo.

Project Neo is the latest version of the OutSystems platform reimagined and rebuilt as a modern, state-of-the-art cloud development platform, and currently in public preview. Project Neo will stand alongside the company's market-leading platform, OutSystems 11, considered by analysts and developers as a top choice for enterprise-grade low-code development.

Project Neo will automate DevOps processes, resolve code dependencies, and enforce architecture standards. What's more, the platform will be constantly updated without impacting in-production apps.

OutSystems CEO and Founder, Paulo Rosado, says developers can now build any app at ‘internet' scale. They no longer have to worry about fixing code and maintaining systems, they can now unleash their creativity for competitive advantage.

“Developers should be the artisans of innovation in their organisation, but they are mired in complexity that stifles their ability to innovate and differentiate. Instead of using their talents to fix, change and maintain code and aging systems, you can give them industry-leading tools that unleash their creativity on your business, and achieve massive competitive advantage,” says Rosado.

Proect Neo will enable:

  • The move from VM and IIS to Linux Containers and Kubernetes.
  • Migration of .NET Full Framework 4.x to .NET 6.
  • Integration of OAuth2 Identity for the use of developers and end-users.
  • Aurora PostgreSQL: Introducing a cloud-native type system that enables you to implement no downtime auto-scaling.
  • Modern global Content Delivery Network (CDN) acceleration for private path acceleration, caching, and web application firewall at the edge.
  • Open telemetry for those with an open telemetry base or open telemetry compliant for event management system. Users can hook straight in and get that information.

Project Neo will be generally available next year.

OSDC also recognised its developer community with the first-ever NEO Awards. The awards recognised leaders from different regions, including Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East - Africa; and the Americas.

Asia Pacific awards winners are below.

  • Most Created Ideas: Aadhavan Shanmugam
  • Most Active OSUG Leader: Hathimary A
  • OSUG with Most Events: Jessica Gizzarelli
  • Most Implemented Ideas: João Melo
  • Most Solutions in Components: Jorge Martins
  • Top Content Creator: Junji Watanabe
  • Most Versions in Components: Leonardo Fernandes
  • Most Forum Kudos: Rahul Sahu
  • Most Forum Solutions: Shweta Gedam
  • Most Forge Components: Stuart Harris
  • Top Documentation Contributor: Vijay Perumalsamy

Catch all the news from OSDC on demand here, and learn more about Project Neo here.

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