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Video: 10 Minute IT Jams - An update from Amperity with Billy Loizou
Tue, 17th Oct 2023

TechDay's 10-Minute IT Jams provide sharp, to-the-point insights into emerging and established technology companies.

Today, we are joined by Billy Loizou, who is the Area Vice President for APAC at Amperity.

Amperity delivers the data confidence brands need to unlock growth by truly knowing their customers. 

With Amperity, brands can build a first-party data foundation to fuel customer acquisition and retention, personalize experiences that build loyalty, and manage privacy compliance. 

Billy joins us today to tell us more about Amperity and what they are doing in the APAC region.

In the video, we discuss:

  • For a brand that hasn't worked with Amperity before, what do you offer?
  • CDP is a fragmented space, what makes Amperity unique in the market?
  • How can a business take advantage of customer data across the organisation? 
  • What customer data trends are influencing the decision-making process for IT? 
  • If a brand wanted to engage with Amperity, what is the best way?