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WaveMaker among top nine in Omdia's low-code platform report
Tue, 12th Dec 2023

Global low-code platform provider WaveMaker has gained recognition from independent research firm Omdia, placing among the top nine leading companies in the sector. Specialising in quickening the development of high-stakes web and mobile applications for both enterprises and software platform vendors, WaveMaker's platform is distinguished by its openness and zero lock-in features for developers.

Omdia, a subsidiary of Informa Tech boasting over 400 analysts and 3000 annual reports across 150 tech markets, included WaveMaker in its recent publication, 'Universe: No Code, Low Code Solutions, 2023-2024'.

The report commends the enhanced capability for building composable experiences offered by WaveMaker, defining it as an excellent match for professional developers aiming to expedite their progress while also sustaining less experienced coders through the provision of pre-fabricated components and visual composing studios.

Michael Azoff, Chief Analyst for Cloud Native Computing at Omdia, praised the platform, stating, "WaveMaker is a first-class accelerator solution for professional software developers, reducing their workload with ease-of-use low code features and component reuse."

The report further elaborates that the platform facilitates collaboration between professional and citizen developers to 'define, build, and compose end-to-end web and native mobile experiences', utilising a composable application architecture with an unrestricted runtime and compatibility to operate the generated code anywhere.

"It enables professional and citizen developers to collaborate, define, build and compose end-to-end web and native mobile experiences, using a composable application architecture…its runtime has no lock-in; generated code can run anywhere," says the report. 

Deepak Anupalli, the Co-Founder and CTO of WaveMaker, attributes the prestigious recognition from Omdia to their developer-centric approach. He highlights the significance of prioritising developers in the conception and construction of their modern application platforms.

Anupalli emphasises that developers are considered the primary focus, with a commitment to their success and a dedication to collaborating with customer developer teams on their digital transformation journey.

Deepak Anupalli stated, "We attribute Omdia's recognition directly to our developer-first approach to conceiving and building our modern, composable application platforms experience."

"Developers are our first citizens. We are invested in their success and are firmly committed to collaborating with customer developer teams on their digital transformation journey," said Deepak Anupalli. 

Omdia conducted research and analysis on nine of the sector's most notable providers, scoring them based on 35 criteria that were grouped into three high-level categories. These categories included Solution Capability, Strategy and Execution, and Market Penetration.

WaveMaker, with its unique offering of an open-standard, low-code modern platform and a java-tech stack, stands out for its flexibility, low risk and low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Headquartered in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area and with customers in 17 countries, WaveMaker powers large enterprises and ISVs who are building API-driven, consumer-scale, enterprise-grade web and mobile applications and software platforms.