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Yahoo Advertising unveils Yahoo Blueprint, their new AI Suite
Wed, 6th Dec 2023

Yahoo Advertising has launched its innovative new resource, Yahoo Blueprint, a comprehensive AI suite that boosts performance-based solutions within the Yahoo DSP.

Aimed at achieving significant enhancements to ad campaigns, Yahoo Blueprint offers a user-friendly interface guiding users through the campaign process, providing input for optimisation and thereby improving outcomes for Yahoo DSP clients.

An evolving AI ecosystem, the new suite is expected to continue to grow and develop over time. The initial phase presents a suite of AI capabilities to assist with advertising campaigns, offering New Data Visualisations, Bidding & Forecasting Precision, Audience Insights, Predictive Audiences, and Customer Value Optimisation.

Powered by a global pool of more than 335 million plugged-in Yahoo users, Yahoo Blueprint bolsters decision-making processes, enhancing performance outcomes for advertisers. The innovative platform has already been adopted by Fortune 500 brand partners and agencies.

Elizabeth Herbst-Brady, Chief Revenue Officer at Yahoo, said: "What sets our AI suite apart is the vast scale of proprietary data we tap into before considering third-party or customer first-party data."

"With the introduction of Yahoo Blueprint, we are now enabling advertisers to capitalise on Yahoo's extensive history of machine learning and data-driven decision-making in a new and accessible way."

The array of benefits delivered to Yahoo DSP clients by Yahoo Blueprint include stronger results, ensured through the utilisation of years of AI research to solicit the right impressions at optimal moments and at just the right price.

Clients will also enjoy confident optimisation with AI-generated campaign improvement recommendations and auto-optimisation to achieve set goals. The suite also offers a streamlined and advanced user interface which guides advertisers, maximising efficiency.

The extensive capabilities introduced within the first phase of Yahoo Blueprint, include New Data Visualisations, that centralise AI-driven insights and recommendations in one easy-to-access hub, enabling advertisers to extract insights and act promptly.

Bidding and Forecasting Precision, courtesy of 'Omniscope', an algorithmic forecasting tool, and Audience Insights, an intuitive, AI-powered insights tool.

Other capabilities include Predictive Audiences, which utilise over one million dimensions, such as interests and demographics, to more accurately reach and find advertisers' next probable customer. Customer Value Optimisation, an optimisation algorithm, finds new customers who possess the same predicted value as the advertiser's highest regarded customers, the company states.

Herbst-Brady added: "With Yahoo Blueprint, advertisers always hold the reins. Yahoo Blueprint not only prioritises performance enhancement but also minimises friction and upholds transparency, guaranteeing both ease of use and advertiser control."