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Zendesk adds customer service add-in to Outlook

Zendesk has unveiled a customer service add-in for enterprises using Microsoft Outlook in Office 365.

The new integration is the first customer service add-in for Outlook, the company says.

The add-in enables anyone in an organisation to create a new customer support ticket with a click of a button directly from within the Outlook interface

“Zendesk has always believed in the democratisation of great software and helping everyone in their organisation build better relationships with their customers, no matter what team they are on, what resources they have, or where they are located,” explains Billy Robins, director, technology alliances at Zendesk.

“The Zendesk and Outlook integration seamlessly connects these systems for anyone who wants to get their daily work done in a more efficient way,” he says.

“Imagine if someone on the team received an email from a customer about a range of issues – changes to an order, concerns about product delivery, or questions about the way a new feature works,” Robins says.

“With this new add-in, the user can transform the email message they just read within Outlook and automatically create a support ticket in Zendesk that goes directly to their customer support team, and it would include the entire email conversation attached to that ticket for context,” he explains.

Rob Lefferts, general manager, Office Extensibility, Microsoft, says, “Reinventing productivity is more than a company ambition – it’s also our heritage and passion.

“We’re excited to introduce Zendesk’s add-in for Outlook, and unlock new ways for people to help push their organisations forward with our Office Extensibility strategy that delivers a robust productivity platform for end users everywhere,” he says.

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