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Internet banking
Growth of digital payments set to cost Australian banks US$3 billion
Banks must change their business models to avoid massive shortfall in the next five years.
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Australian banking and securities IT spend to reach $18.5 billion
“The banking and securities industry continues to spend in pursuit of digitalisation, whether through digital business optimisation or transformation."
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Citi Global Trade uses AI to digitise compliance
“This solution assists in managing and comparing a large number of data points across current and prior transactions."
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Automated technology could save financial institutions nearly $10 million a year
“We’re removing some compliance complexity for our clients and offering the peace of mind that then allows them to focus on investigations that pose a real threat.”
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Data Protection
Capgemini says banks & insurers must deal in 'currency of trust' for data security
Banks and financial insurers may still be seen as trustworthy by customers but the story from inside the industry is very different.
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Fighting bank fraud and improving the customer experience: Can they work together?
Decreasing the risk of bank fraud and improving the customer experience are both based on knowing the customer - can they work together?
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Banking Trojans plummet 73% – but don’t get comfortable
Financial Trojans targeting online banking services dropped 73% last year, but Symantec is warning that Trojans are still thriving - and profitable.
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Internet of Things
Digital banking: Balancing security & convenience – without getting creepy!
Banks are constantly adopting new and innovative technologies, but what is the impact on security? Can personalisation become creepy?