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Identity cards news stories

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Identity and Access Management
Entrust launches cloud-based ID issuance solution
The Sigma instant ID solution uses encryption, trusted HSM technology and secure boot to issue highly secure physical and mobile identities.
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Physical Security
Why it’s time to move ID card issuance to the cloud
Many smartcards are still issued from standalone printers tied to a dedicated PC workstation, which creates challenges and unnecessarily bottlenecks the process.
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Physical Security
How to successfully phase out legacy physical security systems
Legacy physical security systems often create a cumbersome and difficult environment for those that need to make use of them.
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Mobile Security
NZTech to launch new digital identity organisation
“We are the country’s newest not-for-profit organisation, bringing together private and government organisations working to make digital identity easier and more secure."
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Fundamental shift: A look inside the rising role of IT in physical access control
Shifting budgets and responsibilities require IT and physical security teams to consider a fundamental change in day-to-day operations.
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How ID cards can use visual security to make counterfeiters weep
One look at a well-crafted identity card could tell counterfeiters that they’re defeated before they even try.
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'Print' security at your business - while saving money
At the very heart of any defence is the simple idea of ‘if you’re not who you say you are then no access' - this new printer is set to change things.
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Document Management
Securing the printing process for a revolution in ID card management
Choosing cards and printers with security in mind can result in durable, multifunction cards less likely to face misuse and tampering.