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Biometric info to lead to millions in privacy lawsuits
Privacy budgets increased from $1.7 million in 2019 to $2 million in 2021 and are expected to continue to increase at a steady rate, the analysts find.
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Former VMware COO jumps ship to Nutanix as new CEO; VMware begins litigation
Former VMware COO Rajiv Ramaswami has been caught up in litigation from his former employer, which alleges that he breached contractual obligations after jumping ship to Nutanix as its new CEO.
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TechnologyOne to pay $5.2m to 'bullied, misled & betrayed' ex employee
“This has taken an enormous strain on me and my family. I took on TechnologyOne because what they did was simply not right," says Benham Roohizadegan.
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F5 Networks
UPDATED: F5 being sued by company that claims to own NGINX
The company that came out of the woodwork when F5 acquired NGINX last year has appointed an investment company to pursue legal action in the US.
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Update: Huawei lead counsel speaks out about the US case
“As shown in the motion, section 889 is unconstitutional selective legislative punishment."
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Salesforce accused of sex trafficking in lawsuit by 50 women
The 50 ‘Jane Does’ allege that Salesforce built customised services for the web forum Backpage while publicly boasting about fighting sex trafficking.
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Apple's $1billion lawsuit against chip maker Qualcomm
“We welcome the opportunity to have these meritless claims heard in court."
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Data breach
Law firm warns Australian firms: Get your data breach protection toolkit ready now
"Breach notification also means that cyber breaches could now be very public events that can result in private litigation, reputation and brand harm."
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Cisco and HP locked in lawsuit following failed VoIP contract
The lawsuit regards a dispute about the calculation of a monetary credit on the loan balance owed by HP under a financing agreement between the pair.
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EA face lawsuit for Battlefield 4
It seems as if the on-going issues with EA's AAA title Battlefield 4 have become too much to bear, with the gaming giant now facing a class action lawsuit over the release.
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Apple wants to own the P word
A legal row over the word ‘pod’ has erupted after start-up company Sector Labs called its in-development projector the Video Pod.
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We’ve all experienced the frustration and inconvenience of the infamous ‘blue screen of death’.
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Too Populat to Kill
YouTube’s recent US federal court victory against Viacom is being touted as a landmark for online file sharing.
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Warner Music settles with YouTube
WMG artists include David Bowie, Alice Cooper, The Eagles, Joni Mitchell and Rod Stewart.