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Threat monitoring news stories

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Could New Zealanders initiate a cyber attack from within?
The threat landscape is significantly increasing worldwide, and the opportunities it presents are a growing concern in Aotearoa.
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New vulnerabilities found in Nuspire’s Q1 2022 Threat Report
“Threat actors are quickly adjusting their tactics and these exploits tend to get industry attention, but the threat posed by older and attacks still persists."
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Endpoint detection and response / EDR
Qualys steps into future of EDR with latest release
Qualys has launched Multi-Vector EDR 2.0 with additional threat-hunting and risk mitigation capabilities, designed to improve alert prioritisation.
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Cyber Threats
IriusRisk launches OTM Standard to transform threat modelling
The OTM Standard, released as part of version 4.1 of the IriusRisk product, is an agnostic way of describing a threat model in a simple format.
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New roundtable series by The Malaysia Global Business Forum to discuss threat matrix in digital economy
The Malaysia Global Business Forum (MGBF) has announced the launch of a new roundtable series titled "The Evolving Threat Matrix of the Digital Economy".
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Data Protection
Barracuda launches updated email protection backed by API-based AI tech
"Barracuda Email Protection offers customers complete protection by combining gateway defence, API-based inbox defence, incident response, data protection, and user security awareness capabilities."
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IriusRisk's latest threat modelling platform advances collaboration and visualisation
“This latest version of the IriusRisk platform marks a new level of maturity in the threat modelling world and will help us deliver on our ultimate objective: to make threat modelling an easily adoptable, mainstream practice."
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DNS attacks
DNS attacks on the rise, organisations remain unprepared
"The latest data indicates that organisations need to remain vigilant, close security gaps, and patrol for potential breaches around the clock.”
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PwC and Palo Alto Networks partner, providing 24/7 cybersecurity defence in New Zealand
PwC and Palo Alto Networks announce an expanded partnership strengthening cybersecurity defences for New Zealand businesses. 
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Cloud Security
Trend Micro given the highest score in threat prevention report
Independent research firm Forrester has given Trend Micro the highest possible score in threat prevention.
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Breach Prevention
The three-pronged security approach that confronts security breaches head-on
Having these three processes working in tandem is key to cushioning the blow of a breach - which, if insufficiently protected, can take on average 279 days to contain and costs an average of almost US$4 million.
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Why best-practice threat data management provides confident automation
Understanding an organisation’s threat landscape requires having both the right threat data sources and the proper prioritisation to derive actionable threat intelligence for your organisation. 
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A winning proposition for critical infrastructure
When is a surveillance system more than a surveillance system? When it not only protects an organisation’s premises but also supports efficient, reliable operations, and health and safety.
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CrowdStrike launches threat-scoring platform
CrowdScore is a metric that enables CSOs to instantly see the real-time threat level their organisations are facing, allowing them to mobilise resources to respond.
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Don’t let fear win: saying no to ransomware
“Agreeing to pay a ransom demand isn’t conducive to long-term security, and emboldens cyber criminals to continue to use this method.”
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Intellectual property
Nearly half of all employees are willing to share business secrets
Insider threat is real, according to a new report that highlights employee behaviour around sharing corporate information.
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SolarWinds acquires Trusted Metrics, adds threat monitoring offering for MSSPs
The acquisition will allow SolarWinds to offer a new security software product, dubbed SolarWinds Threat Monitor.