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Australian firms urged to reconsider security solutions
Tue, 17th Oct 2023

In a landscape marred by relentless cyber threats and high-profile data breaches, one Australian technology firm is delivering a transformational solution to some of Australia's, North America and Europe's most prominent law enforcement agencies and corporations.

DekkoSecure is flipping the script on cyber threats in an age where catastrophic data breaches have become all too common. Thanks to its Zero-Knowledge security model, DekkoSecure is the groundbreaking solution that takes "secure" from buzzword to reality. This seismic shift in cybersecurity does more than keep your data safe; it returns control of the data to the users and organisations that own it.

"This is not merely about organisations having faith in a technology vendor," says Jacqui Nelson, CEO of DekkoSecure.

"Zero-Knowledge entails a robust framework where DekkoSecure is architecturally incapable of accessing the client data. It combines both security and user-friendliness without requiring convoluted IT manoeuvres," she says.

"Traditional encryption methods are riddled with loopholes that render data susceptible, particularly during active use. DekkoSecure has rendered the data impervious at all phases – whether at rest, in transit, or in use. Zero-knowledge technologies must be broadly adopted if we genuinely want to thwart breaches."

During the Australian Cyber Conference 2023 in Melbourne, an event designed to equip business leaders with actionable insights, Nelson elaborated on the federal government's role in cybersecurity. 

"Accreditation of technology companies is crucial. While standards like IRAP and NIST serve their purpose, they omit the validation of the security technology itself, which is the bedrock of these solutions," says Nelson.

"It's not merely about how technology companies respond to incidents; it's about preventing those incidents in the first place. Therefore, Federal Government accreditation specifically targeting the efficacy of cybersecurity technologies is the missing piece."

Jason Murrell, Cybersecurity Advocate and Founder, says, "What DekkoSecure offers is not an addition to existing security protocols; it's an entirely new paradigm. For both corporate and governmental entities, this translates into an environment of unparalleled trust."

"DekkoSecure differentiates itself further by offering an unmatched guarantee of data sovereignty. "Your data remains within your legal jurisdiction, ensuring data security and control unlike any other," adds Jay Haybatov, Co-founder and Chief Architect of DekkoSecure.

"Governments and law enforcement agencies are already sophisticated in their grasp of security protocols," Nelson says. 

"However, the terminology of 'secure' is often misapplied in this sector. It's high time organisations fully comprehend what 'secure' means. By transitioning to zero-knowledge technologies like DekkoSecure, you can return to trusting the technology to protect your data."