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Lenovo launches mentorship programme for SMBs

Lenovo has entered into a partnership agreement with entrepreneur Naomi Simson in a bid to launch the new ThinkBook Mentorship Programme for regional small businesses.

The ThinkBook Mentorship Programme will equip participants with the latest Lenovo ThinkBook technology to power their business, and offer an opportunity to be mentored by Simson through a series of one-on-one sessions.

With connectivity being a key driver to the success and growth of regional SMBs, the ThinkBook Mentorship Programme will focus on upskilling the businesses digitally. Simson, who founded popular experience company RedBalloon, and co-founded the Big Red Group, will use the mentoring sessions to understand the business’ challenges and opportunities and share her invaluable insight and advice. Three regional SMBs will be selected to participate following a national competition.

"While big cities are the traditional hubs of start-ups and innovation, an increasing number of entrepreneurs are choosing to leave the hustle of big cities behind – moving to rural parts of Australia to simplify their lifestyle whilst still earning an income," Lenovo says. 

"These companies are joining the existing SMBs who are making the most of what regional Australia can offer for businesses. However, this new wave of SMBs need technology that is not just up to doing the job, but is also portable, and looks good.  Cue the Lenovo ThinkBook – a sleek, lightweight aluminium device designed with the modern, mobile workforce in mind that embodies Lenovo’s driving concept of Smarter Technology for All," it says.

Commenting on her new role as ambassador, Simson says: “Lenovo’s vision of Smarter Technology For All is something that resonates with me so I’m delighted to partner with the brand. Technology has been the critical to the success of my own businesses and I look forward to helping other entrepreneurs harness the power of digital. The success of many Australian businesses on the world stage shows that it pays to nurture our local entrepreneurs," she says.

Lenovo’s managing director, Matt Codrington, adss, “Small businesses are the life blood of the Australian economy. For many small regional businesses, technology can unlock huge potential by connecting them to customers across the globe.

"At Lenovo, we’re focussed on designing products which empower our customers and the ThinkBook range has been created with small business owners in mind. The ThinkBook Mentorship Programme will combine world-class technology with one of the smartest business minds out there," he explains.

How to apply

Applicants can apply for the mentorship program via a dedicated webpage, and must have their business registered outside of state capital city limits and meet the SMB criteria which can be found here. Each successful applicant will also receive a Lenovo ThinkBook and supporting product to assist with the running of their business.

Lenovo ThinkBooks have been specifically designed to answer demand from SMB owners who are looking for accessible, easy to use and lightweight solutions which enable them to work remotely.

Relevant businesses can apply here now, with applications closing on 14 February 2019. Finalists will be chosen by 28 February 2019.


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