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Micromine launches new app for Australia's mining industry
Thu, 4th May 2017
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Micromine is an Australian organisation that specialises in software for the mining industry. Founded in Western Australia in 1986, Micromine has offices in 18 locations around the world.

Micromine recently announced the launch of the mobile application Pitram Connect. The app will aim to offer data integration through Pitram Restful Integration Services (PRIS).

The purpose of the app is to bring mining data to your mobile device. The application will be available on Apple and Android mobile and tablet devices.

Features of the app include: easy navigation that can be customised to your role; insight into shift performance and visibility into the progress of your mine while your away from the site.

The type of information that can be retrieved about your mine ranges from site assets, people, production, time allocations and equipment.

Pitram Connect allows third party software applications to retrieve and submit Pitram data without needing direct access to the database. Moreover, with PRIS, systems can extract data from Pitram without the need for an in-depth knowledge of how the data is stored.

PRIS aims to enable any client application, on any platform, written in any programming language interaction with services using simple URLs on top of HTTP.

In the announcement, Micromine also stated that third party systems, such as autonomous loading and hauling systems, conveyor systems or weighbridges can submit data to Pitram.

Pitram Connect will be released for Apple and Android devices in conjunction with Pitram 4.8.