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n3 Hub unveils CDP Orchestrator for personalised marketing automation

Wed, 1st Nov 2023

n3 Hub, a frontrunner in marketing automation and data analytics, has unveiled the n3 Hub CDP Orchestrator, designed to extend the functionality of its industry-leading Customer Data Platform (CDP).

The Orchestrator ensures that the right data is activated through the appropriate communication channels at the precise time, consequently triggering personalised experiences that captivate and convert audiences.

Sara Brown, Australian Business Manager for n3Hub, explains: "n3 Hub CDP Orchestrator sits on top of a company's existing martech stack and enhances it without the need for extensive technical changes. It allows marketing teams to connect with their audiences in real-time, triggering personalised experiences that captivate and convert."

The n3 Hub's CDP compiles an organisation's marketing data in one place, where it can be partitioned into campaign-specific audiences and shared with experience platforms as necessary.

"Orchestrator puts cross-channel orchestration at your fingertips and ensures audiences get the right message across different platforms such as Facebook, Google, email, websites, mobile, apps, print and SMS services," says Brown.

The n3 Hub CDP Orchestrator offers businesses unparalleled clarity into all their marketing activities. Providing a single customer view (SCV), Orchestrator empowers marketing teams to easily track and understand the impact of campaigns, thereby enabling them to make educated future strategic decisions. Teams also get the liberty to easily amend and update marketing automation and communications across all channels from a single platform.

Orchestrator also allows for quicker deployment of marketing automation flows, Brown acknowledges. She notes that: "With more than 50 ready-to-use commands and a user-friendly interface, these can be deployed up to 50 per cent faster than previously possible."

The n3 Hub's Orchestrator promises a significantly positive return on investment (ROI) when juxtaposed with similar technologies. Simple to implement and quick in achieving visible results, businesses can improve ROI through the service of Orchestrator's dedicated support teams stationed in Australia and New Zealand.

Additionally, using Orchestrator enables organisations to amplify the value of their current technology stacks by cutting down complexity and mitigating risks, thus leading to more flexible campaigns that produce better outcomes.

n3 Hub Orchestrator can be utilised creatively by marketing teams to deliver tangible business benefits. Teams can trigger real-time messaging built on predetermined events, behaviours, or schedules, as well as develop complex journeys and experiences that enhance customer interaction.

Orchestrator also facilitates the streamlined and unified management of content across diverse marketing platforms and allows the making of comprehensive customer profiles through the amalgamation of all communications and interactions, leading to accurate campaign reports and the identification of future opportunities.

According to Brown: "With Orchestrator in place, businesses will be best placed to maximise the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and create an enjoyable and rewarding experience for their customers. By extending the power and capability of n3Hub CDP, Orchestrator will quickly become a valued addition to the marketing portfolio."

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