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Qualtrics and iModerate partner to deliver more data insight

By Shannon Williams, Thu 14 Apr 2016
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Qualtrics has announced it has entered into a partnership with insights firm iModerate in a move the hopes to deliver better data insights to organisations from customer feedback. 

The partnership will see mutual clients able to utilise iModerate’s professionally moderated, one-on-one conversations to augment feedback obtained from Qualtrics’ technology and insight platform.

“The partnership between Qualtrics and iModerate will combine important elements in insight gathering,” says Shane Evans, head of partnerships at Qualtrics. 

“Qualtrics has always allowed clients to gather robust and diverse feedback. This partnership will now allow our mutual clients to benefit from the synergies of an online insight platform and in-depth, customer conversations,” he says. 

The partnership will allow users to benefit from a range of features, including:

  • Capture authentic customer language
  • Understand context and meaning by uncovering the “why” behind decisions, opinions and behaviours
  • Bring audiences to life with verbatims and anecdotes
  • Refine concepts, ads and messages by unearthing emotions and perceptions
  • Enhance tracking studies by understanding any fluctuations or inactivity
  • Break a tie when two concepts have similar scores

“The Qualtrics Insight Platform is the go-to solution for the world’s best insight seekers,” adds Jen Drolet, iModerate CEO.

“We are thrilled to be working with Qualtrics to bring together the incredible insights discovered on their platform with iModerate’s qualitative approach to help customers achieve even more,” she says. 

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