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Superloop unveils 'Infrastructure on Demand' solution for wholesale partners
Wed, 29th Nov 2023

Superloop has announced the launch of a new 'Infrastructure on Demand' solution for wholesale partners, aimed at Retail Service Providers (RSPs) interested in selecting their preferred level of network control, customer experience, and investment. The launch also sees a high-profile RSP securing an exclusive deal with a contract expected to generate upwards of $30 million over five years.

The new 'Infrastructure on Demand' solution, termed 'Hosted Backhaul', has been optimised for the latest nbn's WBA5 and provides an alternative for RSPs to optimise network configuration. This solution offers flexibility and control, allowing RSPs to utilise their own nbn WBA, benefiting from direct technical and commercial control of their customer relationship. The Hosted Backhaul product caters to the diverse infrastructure needs of RSPs, without the necessity to establish, deploy, and operate expensive distributed Point of Interconnection (POI) network infrastructure.

Superloop Chief Commercial Officer, Nick Pachos, stated, "It’s important our customers have a comprehensive range of solutions with the flexibility and controls to scale their infrastructure as they grow, but beyond this, we know it’s crucial that they can seamlessly transition elements of their network as needed.”

On a mission to provide solutions that cater to varied needs from smaller resellers to large corporates, Superloop has spent a significant amount of time collaborating with wholesale partners, Pachos added. He stressed the focus on diverse solutions ranging from simple bandwidth to full white label internet services to expand customer offerings and reinforce loyalty incentives.

Hosted Backhaul provides additional capacity on diverse fibre links. Alongside fibre links, Superloop delivers the electronic infrastructure from the nbn POI to the RSP’s Point of Presence (PoP), removing associated cost and complexity. The solution delivers all the perks of Superloop network’s scale and resiliency.

Pachos further stated, “Hosted Backhaul has been developed for RSPs rethinking their internet strategy in response to changing market dynamics, including the new SAU and WBA5.” He explained how RSPs are moving away from traditional purchase decisions that necessitated significant initial and operational expenses to establish networks at POIs.

Superloop offers flexibility and control over different aspects of network management and the customer experience, including OVC, CVC, AVC, S-Tag provisioning, whilst simultaneously saving on the cost and complexity of physical infrastructure, Pachos highlighted.

The 'Infrastructure on Demand' suite from Superloop now comprises options like Dark Fibre, Hosted Backhaul, Backhaul - Physical, Backhaul - Virtual, Broadband Aggregation - Layer 2, Broadband Aggregation - Layer 3, and White Label. Customers have the option to choose the approach that best suits their needs and potentially start with a low touch, White Label model, before transitioning to Broadband Aggregation and Backhaul, or choose a mix of approaches in different market segments.

Pachos concluded, "At Superloop, our goal is to help customers unleash the unlimited possibilities of the internet. For our Wholesale partners, that means providing flexibility and scalability and really understanding the capabilities they’d like to have, and what they’re seeking to deliver, and then creating a simple, scalable solution that’s tailored to their requirements."