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Open source
Confluent launches new technology initiatives for data silos
Open source data streaming company Confluent has launched its expansion of new connectors and on-demand scaling to break down data silos.
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New RCE bug is making APAC businesses vulnerable to Log Injection attacks
A new remote code execution bug could be making businesses in Asia Pacific vulnerable to Log4Shell log injection attacks.
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Logjam: Log4j exploit attempts continue in globally distributed scans, attacks
"This rapid iteration of fixes has left software developers and organisations worldwide scrambling to assess and mitigate their exposure with nearly daily-changing guidance."
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Gartner explains what security leaders need to know, and do, about Log4j
Jonathan Care explains some risks the vulnerability poses for organisations and the steps security leaders should take to secure their enterprise systems against potential associated threats.
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What is Log4J and how does it affect you?
Norton Labs answers some common questions about the widespread software bug Log4J.
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New threat intelligence from Sophos following the Apache Log4Shell vulnerability
Sophos has provided new threat intelligence following the reporting of the Apache Log4Shell vulnerability.
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Apache Cassandra version 4.0 released - used by Apple, Netflix, Amazon, and thousands more
Apache has released version 4.0 of Apache Cassandra, the open source distributed big data management platform.
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Confluent announces new cloud platform for Kubernetes
Confluent has announced Confluent for Kubernetes, its new platform purpose-built to bring cloud-native capabilities to data streams in private infrastructures. 
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Open source
ASF celebrates open source community as software turns 20
"OpenOffice is more than just software. It's a great community that I'm glad to be a part of."
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Machine learning
NBN institute new Tech Lab to improve user experience
NBN says the tech lab will explore and implement emerging technologies such as graph technology and machine learning.
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Apache Struts users warned to upgrade now as 'matter of urgency'
The severe vulnerability, CVE-2017-9805, affects all versions of Apache Struts since 2008.