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FIDO Alliance champions security and authentication experts
FIDO Alliance has announced that testing is now available for individuals seeking to become FIDO Certified Professionals.
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Report: APAC DevOps salary brackets lagging behind
While DevOps salaries for APAC professionals are behind the curve, there is a significant global increase worldwide.
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Internet of Things
IoT for seasoned professionals
As the global IoT market booms, the opportunities to create smarter connected environments in and across nearly any industry sector in the coming years will be exponential.
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Digital skills could be the key to a salary boost in Australia
Digital skills could be a crucial factor in determining a salary boost, according to new RMIT Online research.
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GDP rise set for NZ, but OECD recommends digital transformation to drive growth
They say that digital apprenticeships should be developed to help drive forward this technological transformation, and particular assistance be provided for those pursuing digital careers.
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IT professionals
Role of IT continues to evolve, SolarWinds report captures tech pro sentiments
As tech pros look to the future, 62% of respondents say they're motivated to succeed in their roles and nearly all (81%) agree there will be multiple opportunities to develop and enhance their careers in the next year.
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Best city for cybersecurity jobs revealed
Cyber specialists are in hot demand and it doesn't look like the demand is in any way faltering.
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Only half of IT security teams optimally prepared for a security incident
"The security gaps in the case of outdated software at 65% of companies should also give pause for thought."
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IT skills shortage
The new (and better) route to a career in IT
Employers desperately need relevant skills, competence and real-world experience, which multi-year degrees often fail to offer, writes DDLS CEO Jon Lang.
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General staff don’t get tech jargon - expert says time to ditch it
There's a serious gap between IT pros and general staff, and this expert says it's on the people in IT to bridge it.
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IT professionals still in high demand across the UK
While the UK is still plunged in uncertainty with Brexit, there are no such issues with the IT industry.
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Hybrid Cloud
UK’s IT pros not learning fast enough to manage their environments
A new SolarWinds study has found that if the current IT workforce is to keep up with the pace of innovation, there will need to be some significant changes.
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Govt’s HK$50b to boost IT jobs and salaries, but concerns remain
Despite the huge investment, almost all Hong Kong CIOs are concerned about the existing talent pool of IT professionals.
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McDonalds IT celebrates 10 years - Wellington a 'great place' for start-ups
McDonald started his company on his own in Wellington a decade ago to focus mainly on SMBs and now has two offices with further expansion plans.
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Manifesto to Kiwi MPs: No heads in sand - our digital future is here now
What will New Zealand's digital future look like? Fast internet, cloud, big data and mobility are at the forefront, and our leaders must embrace it.
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Manifesto challenges NZ leadership to pursue tech future
“The prosperity of New Zealand is inextricably linked to how we embrace our future as a digital nation.”
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What do the 457 Visa changes mean for the Australian IT sector?
"Getting the right advice is critical so that those impacted can work out what their options are and to plan ahead."
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Kiwi IT course provider takes hit at skills shortage with new Agile certification
“Organisations are using Agile methodologies to ensure crucial business data is available when and where it is needed."
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IT Industry
Kiwi IT specialist makes a difference in Africa – opportunities available
Read the incredible story of a young Kiwi IT specialist helping to heal Africa's poor - and further opportunities that are available.
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Gartner opinion: Are we more productive? – the final conundrum
Owning or using a smart phone to do your email in bed is not being more productive; it just increase output at the same rate and ruins many things.
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US tech leaders say Trump's election would kill innovation
US tech sector leaders have come out swinging, showing that Donald Trump's US Presidency election would be a huge blow for the ICT industry.
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Who were the winners at the 2016 Excellence in IT Awards?
The winners of the Excellence in IT Awards 2016 were announced in front of a crowd of 700 professionals at a gala event in Wellington last night.
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Absolute IT
Auckland IT job market report: Money still reigns, but intangibles rate highly
Auckland IT professionals rate an attractive salary as most important consideration in a new job, but flexible working hours are very important too.
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A happy customer: Conbrio solving problems with top-notch customer service
"Our first impressions of Conbrio were very positive, as we started to engage more and more with the team, it became more of a partnership."