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GoTo unveils AI assistant to transform IT management
Mon, 26th Feb 2024

GoTo, the company streamlining IT management and business communications, has launched GoPilot, a dynamic AI assistant for its GoTo Resolve service.

According to the company, GoPilot presents IT professionals with an intelligent, interactive helm, offering a complete oversight of their tech endpoints. The smart new feature automates diagnostics, aids users in finding solutions, and enhances its capabilities with every new command, effectively leading to preemptive action for any potential disruption in the future.

The AI assistant utilises OpenAI's API platform along with GoTo's own AI stack, transforming everyday IT operations by eliminating mundane tasks such as manual scanning of system diagnostics screens and patch updates for issue identification. GoPilot simplifies interactions through a conversational language interface, enabling agents of all levels to address complex problems without the need for exhaustive command knowledge.

Constantly active, GoPilot acts as an IT professional's assistant for discovering, fixing, and forestalling endpoint issues, thereby transforming the conventional IT support and management process. Its AI capabilities combine data, text, and visual processing models, providing numerous benefits for teams, such as streamlined device diagnostics through automatic data collection and risk assessments, language barriers removal with live translations, and automatic session notes and summaries that allow support agents to focus on problem-solving over documentation.

GoPilot also simplifies patch management through automatic identification of missing updates and directs towards the appropriate solution page, with the flagged devices and updates pre-selected, reducing agent input to a simple install click. Covered in GoPilot's capabilities is the ability to efficiently create and deploy new policies. Soon, agents will be able to access additional automation capabilities to scan, detect, and resolve issues automatically, further preempting potential risks and freeing up more time in the process.

GoPilot builds upon other AI-driven features in GoTo Resolve's portfolio, such as AI script creation and self-service resolution suggestions, aiming to free up more time and resources for IT teams to focus on critical tasks like scaling and securing their business and satisfactorily supporting their employees.

Olga Lagunova, Chief Product and Technology Officer at GoTo, said, "With GoPilot, we're giving IT teams more time and resources to focus on the tasks that truly matter – like scaling and securing their business and supporting their employees." She further added, "We're extremely excited to introduce the market's first end-to-end IT management and support AI assistant to GoTo Resolve customers, and to introduce even more AI innovations across GoTo’s solutions in the coming months."