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VIQ Solutions starts contract with Queensland Courts DJAG
VIQ Solutions has started providing transcription and recording services to Queensland Courts Department of Justice and Attorney General.
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Digital audio improves productivity, governance and competitive advantages
The business world is seldom simple, nor is the daily running of a busy legal firm. Like any evidence-based industry, there are always risks, nuances, mitigating factors, and an element of uncertainty.
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Legal software
How modern technology can help reduce backlogs in the judicial system
There are various tools available that can speed up both courtroom proceedings and the internal workings of the legal profession.
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Digital transcriptions revolutionising the modern meeting
AI-powered digital transcription makes the information collected in the virtual gathering infinitely more useful to organisations.
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Privileged Access Management / PAM
Transcription technology can be a serious ally in the struggle for compliance
Spoken words form a huge part of the intelligence and evidence captured by an insurer, yet data suggests that globally, as little as 15% of transcripts are digitised.
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VIQ Solutions resolves COVID-19 meeting transcription issues for accounting body
“VIQ Solutions delivered a tailored solution that met the organisation’s new needs when COVID-19 halted in-person hearings and meetings.”
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Artificial Intelligence
Video: 10 Minute IT Jams - Who is VIQ Solutions?
VIQ Solutions is a global provider of digital voice and video capture technology, specialising in AI-powered speech-to-text transcription services primarily for legal and law enforcement purposes.